Zafari Label reduces return fraud

Retailers – reduce return fraud, wardrobing and price tag switching and improve your margins. Compatible with most labels and label machines.

About Zafari label

A leap in retail fraud prevention

Our labels are used successfully by several stores around Europe, where they secure items with sealed price tags and sealed return labels.

About Zafari Label technology

Our patented label technology use unique cutting patterns that are easily applied, but can’t be removed without tearing the label. Sealed labelling is a smart, simple and inexpensive way to secure products in the retail industry.

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The problem

Online- and brick and mortar stores has increasing challanges with customer return fraud.


A fast growing problem affecting both online and physical stores. Wardrobing happens when costumers buy an item, uses it, and return it for a full refund.


Surveys show that 7% of Danes – and as many as 15% of young people between the ages of 18-29 – have practiced return fraud within a 2 year period.

Price tag switching

Especially physical stores have problems with this type of fraud. Costumers switching pricetags to pay less for a more expensive item.

The retailers are the ones paying

Fradulent returns entail huge and unnessesary costs.

  • Extra administration
  • Wasted shipping
  • Items being thrown out and burned

The solution

Zafari Label is an asset protection seal. With our unique label cuts, it is impossible to remove the label without it tearing. 

DK #179499
EU: Pending

Preventing wardrobing

Apply Zafari Label visibly on the item. The costumer is now free to try on the item in the privacy of their own home. However the sealing of the product will prevent the using of the items and then returning for a full refund.



Preventing price switching

Zafari Label price tags cannot be removed without tearing, and therefore cannot be moved from one item to another to reduce a price.

Preventing counterfeiting

With our invisible DNA, we can scan the Label and detect if the Label and/or the item is an original or a counterfeit item.

Easy to apply

Not only a label for clothing

Our labels are ideal for clothing items, but Zafari Labels are also suited for a wide range of other products.


Perfume and cosmetics


Furthermore, our labels can be used on eg. porcelain, price tags and a wide range of other products.


Are you ready to benefit from sealed labeling?

It's easy to get started

Simple and low cost Zafari Label is easily implemented in your current business. Sealed labeling will work with your current processes, tools and machines, and does not require any training of your staff.

Become a licensed partner

We build partnerships with leading companies from around the globe. Are you an advertising agency, a label manufacturer or a reseller of labels, you will benefit from a partnership with us. Work with us and add patented sealed labelling to your product range. Get in touch with our sales team and let’s talk parnership.

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